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Name:Foxipher Jones
Birthdate:Oct 30
Location:Washington, United States of America

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Artist, Writer, Musician, Strowler, Sister, Cerulian, Everyday Goddess, Admin Assistant, Director of Programming, Filker, Lover, Daughter, Mythgeek, Priestess

“Who does a goddess pray to? … We have nothing and no one to ask for help, save ourselves.” THE DARK WIFE, Sarah Diemer

"Fiction ought to tell the truth about imaginary things, not lies about real ones!"caper_est

The name "SMOF" stands for "Secret Masters Of Fandom," and is a humorous
reference to the people who organize and manage science fiction conventions. I am Programming Director of Conflikt 5, and was the same at Conflikt 4.

"I think that what happens when we die is whatever we believe will happen. I think Christians go to Christian heaven and people who believe in reincarnation get reincarnated, et cetera. I think that also people can stick around for a little bit - not in the ghosts with unfinished business way, but in the 'on the way out of the party, lingering to hug everyone goodbye' way." -- shadesong, describing her beliefs which sound a lot like mine on the subject.

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Fight depression...knit!

We are the flow and we are the ebb,
We are the weavers, we are the web.

Wise words from my Coyote brother madhouse51:
Peace my sister. Feel thy paws on Mother's forest floor and fill thy lungs with Father's breath. Thou art the daughter of the gods and all good things are thine for the asking.

1. Picture yourself near a stream in the mountains.
2. Birds are softly chirping in the cool mountain air.
3. No one knows your secret place.
4. You are in total seclusion from the hectic place called the world.
5. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.
6. The water is crystal clear.
7. You take a deep breath of the cool, fresh air, and just exist there for a while.

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A Statement of the Obvious-But-Frequently-Ignored-And/Or-Missed

Free speech means you can say whatever you want. It does not, however, mean that you are free of consequences (positive or negative) your speech may incur.

Similarly, free will means you can do whatever you want. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you can avoid consequences of your actions, for better or for worse.

I refuse to play the role of scapegoat for ANYONE. I don't care who you are. Own your own shit.

********* ***

Hello, I am the Vixen-in-residence.

Don't try to read between the lines of what I say, because I say what I mean, and if something is labeled "[Cryptic]", it's meant to be. If you try to read between the lines, and something you see there offends you, it's entirely possible that it isn't there at all. If you think something I said pissed you off, tell me, otherwise I can't do anything about it.

Talk with me if you want to know more.

********* ***

My BPAL wishlist (outdated) is here.

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alexander james adams, ancient things, angelkin, aquarian tabernacle church, art, astrology, barter, battlestar galactica, beaches, beads, beadwork, bellydancing, bisexuality, black phoenix alchemy lab, board games, books, bpal, brains, catherynne m. valente, cats, cello, chocolate, conflikt, crafts, creativity, crocheting, d&d, dancing maids, dismantling bigotry, doctor who, dragons, drawing, ecclectic wicca, eclectic religion, elphaba x glinda, emilie autumn, fantasy, fiberart, fibercrack, filk, filkwars, firefly, folk music, folklore, food, fox woman, foxes, foxfire, fudoki, gaming, geeks, gilmore girls, goddess, great food, great rite, gypsies, hamburg, handmade stuff, heather alexander, his dark materials, inari, inarizushi, intelligence, interfilk, internet, jewelry-making, kink, kitsune, knitting, lgbtqa issues, linguistics, love, lycanthropy, magic, magick, manga, marian call, meditation, men, mercedes lackey, mixed personal pantheons, moon, music, myths, neopaganism, newsies, nude art, otherkin, ovff, oy-with-the-poodles-already, pagan, paganism, pansexual, pantheism, people, piercings, politics, polyamory, polytheism, posting naked, posting naked club, psychology, queerness, reading out loud, s.j. tucker, sabbats, save our s00j, science fiction, serenity, sex, singing, sj tucker, skirts with pockets, skyclad, sleeping, spirituality, stardust, storytelling, taglio, tattoos, tea, the night kitchen, the orphan's tales, the posting naked club, theatre, therianthropy, touch, traditions, tricky pixie, vixy and tony, wicca, wicked: the musical, wire sculpture, wirey gypsy boys, women, wonder, word games
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